Religious Education at St Gregory of Nyssa


“Brethren and fathers, God, who fashioned us and brought us out of non-existence into being, has placed us in this life as in a schoolroom to learn to gospel of his kingdom.”

--St. Theodore the Studite


We encourage you to Seek, Find, Follow, Grow, Go and Do For Him in this schoolroom.  Here are a few opportunities for learning:

Sunday School

We welcome you to bring your children to become part of our Church family. 

Our curriculum promotes spiritual growth through developmentally appropriate activities that stimulate each child’s curiosity in their faith.  The curriculum has been developed in partnership with the Metropolitan and Archdiocese Departments of Youth and Young Adult Ministries.

Our teachers are dedicated volunteers who bring a variety of backgrounds: public and private teachers, professionals, and mothers and fathers.

Sunday School Year Classes

During the School Year, Sunday School classes are held for Pre-Kindergarten through High School in the designated classroom. 


10:00am - Divine Liturgy - Families worship together

11:15am - Students will go first for Holy Communion. Students will exit through the Left side door of Church and then proceed with their teacher to their classrooms.

Class dismissal. The students will be returned to our fellowship hall after class to join their parents and church family.

Bible Study

Orthodoxy 101 - Prayer and Bible Study, Thursdays

Orthodoxy 101 is an evening of prayer and learning.  Meet with us each Thursday in the church at 6 p.m. for evening prayer and bible study.  Please check the parish calendar for updates to this schedule.  Please check with Father Simeon for current bible study topics and readings. 

Additional Bible Study groups are encouraged to form!  Please coordinate new groups through Father Simeon. 

Daily Readings

Daily Bible reading is encouraged!  Daily readings that follow the church calendar are available at  

The Archdiocese offers access to a variety of Bible resources at:  These include:

  • The Daily Readings App for your mobile device
  • Orthodox Youth Bible E-Book Edition
  • Orthodox Military New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs E-Book Edition
  • Orthodox Study Bible
  • Children’s Bible Reader
  • Children's Bible Reader Online

Inquirers, Catechumens, and Individual Study

Inquirers Always Welcome!

The Orthodox Church has a rich spiritual, theological and evangelical history.  Come and See!  

Father Simeon is available after services and by appointment to discuss your individual spiritual needs and questions.  


A catechumen (Greek: κατηχούμενος) is one who is preparing for baptism in the Church. In modern usage, catechumen can also refer to one who is preparing for chrismation (or another form of reception) to be received from another Christian communion.

Father Simeon will help develop a custom religious education program to meet individual catechumen needs.

Individual Study

Individual Study is not a replacement for active participation in Church life; however, it provides a supplemental learning opportunity to help meet individual needs.  Father Simeon is available to help guide you in developing an individual bible study and prayer program.  

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